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PSEA policy brief outlines research-based approach to standardized testing

PSEA Standardized Testing Policy BriefRecognizing that state requirements put too much emphasis on high-stakes standardized tests, the Pennsylvania State Education Association released a policy brief aimed at ensuring that standardized tests are used the way they were intended and do not interfere with classroom instruction.

3/20/2017 11:49:42 AM

PSEA opposes bill that eliminates minimum sick and bereavement leave
In January, the Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill 229 - legislation that eliminates minimum sick and bereavement leave standards for Pennsylvania's educators, nurses, and support professionals. PSEA strongly opposes this plan.
2/13/2017 4:18:14 PM

Gov. Wolf proposes innovative school breakfast initiative
Students who start the day with a healthy breakfast are ready to focus and learn - that's why Gov. Wolf's budget proposed $2 million to expand school breakfast programs across the state.
2/8/2017 1:41:43 PM

PSEA President: Gov. Wolf’s budget invests in schools and students
PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak issued a Feb. 7 statement after Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled a proposed FY 2017-18 state budget that continues funding increases for public education, makes a key investment in school breakfast programs for needy students, and increases funding for state universities.
2/7/2017 3:40:38 PM

Get the PSEA mobile app
PSEA launched an official mobile app to help members manage membership information, get local and region updates, and find information about PSEA and issues that affect schools and students.
2/3/2017 3:11:43 PM

PSEA Local Association Communications Showcase

PSEA Local Association Communications Showcase A Project of the PSEA Communications Committee The Local Association Communications Showcase allows PSEA members to share the communications materials created by local associations, and to learn more about what others are doing. Does your

1/22/2013 8:45:43 AM

Tech Track

Tech Track Presentations 2010 Tech Track Website Content101

7/26/2011 8:42:45 PM

Loyalsock is proof positive: Best Practices are recession-proof

Loyalsock is proof positive Best Practices are recession proof It took two years, but leaders of the Loyalsock Township Education Association, Central Region, have proved that perseverance, membership solidarity and a good bargaining and communication plan are the keys to

4/20/2010 1:59:51 PM

Members look to PSEA for savings during tight economic times

Members look to PSEA for savings during tight economic times Last summer, Curwensville Education Association member Paula Witherite didn’t think she was going to be able to take her three children on a vacation. Money was tight after her husband

4/20/2010 1:51:05 PM

Northwest protecting its members from ‘whooping cough’

Northwest protecting its members from ‘whooping cough’ PSEA members know that their union membership provides unparalleled protection in the workplace.  In the Northwestern Region, leadership is now looking to offer yet another level of protection immunization from pertussis and hepatitis.

4/20/2010 11:39:40 AM

If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or teminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Association representative be present at the meeting.  Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.

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